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               Sunday:                        Worship Service.              1pm

                  Friday:                         Word & Prayer Hour.        8-9pm


                  Saturday/Last Wednesday of Every Month:  Bible Studies/Teachings 8-9pm

                  First Sunday  of Every Month:    Communion Service 1pm 


                PHONE MINISTRY

                     Dail in Number. 848-220-1120 (No Access Code)

                MINISTER IN CHARGE

                        Rev. Kwabena Adom-Sefa

                        Cell: 614-674-7481



                        Mr. Seth Tettey               Clerk of Session              732-407-2187

                        Ms. Charity Afriyie          Member                          214-400-2704

                        Mr.  Padmore Gyau         Treasurer                        508-762-7044

                        Ms. Victoria Gyapong      Senior Presbyter             682-227-0916

                        Mr. Kwadwo Assuming     Member                          682-701-1568

                                           We want to get to know you!

Contact Us: 

Presbyterian Church of Ghana

Ressurection Congregation 

310 SW 3rd St, Grand Praire, TX 75051


The Minister, Presbyters, and entire Membership of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Resurrection congregation wish to thank ALL GUESTS for visiting with us today. May God bless you and reward you in all you do.